chiedere informazioni in inglese

le frasi più diffuse per chiedere informazioni

  • What is this? This is a skirt
  • What is that? That is a pen
  • What's this? It's a car
  • What's that? It's a banana
  • What are these? These are chairs
  • What are those? Those are pencils
  • Where is Luca? He is at home
  • Where is Stella? She is at school
  • Where's Bob? He's into the car
  • When's the festival? It's saturday
  • When's the party? The party is tomorrow
  • How is the food? It's cold

  • HOME grammatica inglese

  • Mi sa dire dov'è il centro storico?
    Can you tell me where the city center is?
  • Che autobus devo prendere per andare in centro storico?
    What bus should I take to get to the city center?
  • Dov'è la stazione centrale Torino Porta Nuova?
    Where is the Torino Porta Nuova railway station?
  • Come posso arrivare al Colosseo
    How can I reach the Colosseum
  • Quanto tempo ci vuole a piedi?
    How long does it take on foot?
  • Quanto tempo ci vuole in automobile?
    How long does it take by car?
  • Ci vuole circa un'ora
    It takes about an hour