Pronomi e aggettivi : esempi

--I'm doing my homeworks
--I'd like to be at b1
level when the class will be finish
--I 'm going to go in rome at easter
--my new girlfriend and I
get on well together-

-- If you don't know what i mean
--you may ask me to repeat
--she gave me a kiss yesterday
-- she bought the bread for me
-- yesterday i was listening my radio while i was going to work
--I go to work with my car
--I like my job
--while i was listening music
--my sister arrived at home

--the opel corsa parked out of this building is mine
--is this opel corsa your car? yes it is mine-
--you give me your number and i'll give you mine-

grammatica inglese

--you are a very beautiful woman
--have you lived in ireland for a long time?
--when do you think our english level will be b2?

--do you think it will be necessary any years?

--I showing my homeworks to you
-- theatre is very important for you
--when the class will be finish we having a dinner with you

--your eyes are so blue!
-- has your laptop a bag?
--during your lessons the time goes veryvFastly
--may i borrow your pen? mine don't work

--our english is worse than yours
--did the person, who come here two weeks ago?
--a coworker or a friend of yours?
-- my favourit director is kubrick. what's yours?

--he'll be able to swim if he keep to go to swimming pool
--did he do all his homework?
--he works in brevini 1

-- she likes him
--she kiss him
--she loves him

-- a lot of people says that Shakespeare wrote everything:
--his plays belongs to every time
-- this is his little recorder
--i think bob marley is most influent singer of all times: his song has had an influence for hundreds milions people

--whose is this cap? is his
--this is not his jacket,his is red
--this little recorder is his

--does she has enough time to correct all exercises?
--she likes travelling in Ireland
--she'd loves living in Dublin

--I will give her this homework, and every mistake that she will correct will be a little improvement for me
--I'm going on class next tuesday and i give her this exercise
--I' m correcting a part of this homework with her next tuesday

--her computer is faster than my
--my new girlfriend lives in Bologna. her home is very small.
--her bag is on the table

--I gave her my telephon number, and she gave me hers
--this car isn't hers
-- Whose is this book? It's hers

grammatica inglese

--it is a nice dog-it's a beautiful day
--what is it?--it was a very good car

--he prepares the food for it
--it is a dangerous snake.
she is making a trap for it.
--it is an excellent hi fi.i'm going to buy a pair of new speakers for it
--today i have bought some food for it.

ITS -- its (hole-den burrow=tana)
is too small
--it is very jealous for its bone (osso)
-- its color is very strange

--if we haven't understand pronouns, it isn't your fault
--when do you think we'll be able t o know english at b2 level?
--personal pronouns and possessive pronouns are matter of elementary class,but we had forget it

--if most of them have failed this excercise,maybe it's better
--you will explain to us something of it.
--you give us a workbook and a cd
--you have a lot of patience with us

--this is not our workbook
--our class is very nice
--our company export mechanical components all over the world

--whose is the red house in parma? It's ours
--this workbook is ours
--she is a friend of ours

--did you live in italy for a long time?
--did you have a good holiday?
--you have a good temper

--did ann bring her present for you?
--you are a good team: it will be more mork for you
--you are welcome to our home

-- your look is original but not extravagant
--your car is red--is this your favourite film?

--is it your bus?yes it's yours
--is it their favourit film?no it isn't
--bob is a friend of yours

-- did they live in canada?
--have they lived in canad for 2 years?
will they live in canada?

--Here's a cup of tea for them
--I can see them now
--ann is going to leave with them on holiday

--enrico and stefano works in brevini 1; their office is at the first floor
--we are made by the same substance which the dreams are made of ,and our little life is sorrounded by dreams
--their car is too fast--

--this laptop isn't theirs.
--my laptop as fast as yours
--these cars are damaged.are theirs?--

grammatica inglese

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