esercizi modali inglese

1. scegli la frase corretta:
  • We shant ask for it.
  • We not shall ask for it.
  • We shall not ask for it.
2. It is a great ability ______ conceal one's ability.
  • to be able to
  • be able to
  • cant
3. you cant' park here,it's forbidden . You ____ try in another place.
  • don't have to
  • must
  • have to
4. scegli la frase corretta:
  • last year I had to got up early every day.
  • last year I had to get up early every day.
  • last year I must to get up early every day.
  • Pregnant women shouldnt smoke.
  • Pregnant women should smoke.
  • Pregnant women shouldn't smoke.
6. If I train harder, I ____ win the match.
  • might
  • may
  • may not
7. Take your umbrella as it ___ rain this evening.
  • may
  • may not
  • might not
8. I ____ play the piano very well.
  • cant
  • be able to
  • can

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grammatica inglese
esercizi must have to
spiegazione must have to

esercizi used to
spiegazione used to

esercizi shall
spiegazione verbo shall

esercizi would
spiegazione would

esercizi can could be able to
spiegazione can, could, be able to

esercizi may e might
spiegazione may e might

will : esercizi
spiegazione will

esercizi had better
spiegazione had better

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