esercizi modal verbs

esercizi sui modal verbs più comuni - regole le differenze dei modal verbs in inglese

1. Do you think you ___ finish that work by Monday?
  • will be able
  • can
  • could
2. If I wanted to do wrong, I _____ . Napoleone Bonaparte
  • could not
  • can't
  • be able to
3. The lamp _____ be broken. Maybe the cat just switch off it.
  • may
  • might
  • might not
4. scegli la frase corretta.
  • She mustn't wear a uniform
  • She mustn't wears a uniform
  • She mustn't to wear a uniform
  • Will you shut the window?
  • Shall you shut the window?
  • You will shut the window?
  • Shall I drive you home?
  • Will I drive you home?
  • I will drive you home?
7. in ristorante...
  • What kind of soup you would like?
  • What kind of soup you'd like to?
  • What kind of soup would you like?
8. scegli la frase corretta:
  • You should have called them yesterday.
  • You should called them yesterday.
  • You should have call them yesterday.

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esercizi e spiegazioni verbi modali più comuni

grammatica inglese
esercizi must have to
spiegazione must have to

esercizi used to
spiegazione used to

esercizi shall
spiegazione verbo shall

esercizi would
spiegazione would

esercizi can could be able to
spiegazione can, could, be able to

esercizi may e might
spiegazione may e might

will : esercizi
spiegazione will

esercizi had better
spiegazione had better

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