esercizi modal verbs inlese

esercizi sui modal verbs più comuni - regole le differenze dei modal verbs in inglese

1. Do you think you ___ finish that work by Monday?
  • will be able
  • can
  • could
2. If I wanted to do wrong, I _____ . Napoleone Bonaparte
  • could not
  • can't
  • be able to
3. The lamp _____ be broken. Maybe the cat just switch off it.
  • may
  • might
  • might not
4. scegli la frase corretta.
  • She mustn't wear a uniform
  • She mustn't wears a uniform
  • She mustn't to wear a uniform
  • Will you shut the window?
  • Shall you shut the window?
  • You will shut the window?
  • Shall I drive you home?
  • Will I drive you home?
  • I will drive you home?
7. in ristorante...
  • What kind of soup you would like?
  • What kind of soup you'd like to?
  • What kind of soup would you like?
8. scegli la frase corretta:
  • You should have called them yesterday.
  • You should called them yesterday.
  • You should have call them yesterday.

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