Esercizi avverbi di frequenza

1. scegli la frase corretta:
  • He listens to the radio often.
  • He often listens to the radio.
  • He listens often to the radio.
  • He regurarly reads the newspaper.
  • He reads regurarly the newspaper.
  • He reads the newspaper regurarly.
  • The train arrives at seven always.
  • The train always arrives at seven.
  • Always the train arrives at seven.
4. Marina is not a nice woman. She is ____ in a bad temper.
  • never
  • seldom
  • always
5. Luca goes to the cinema only three or four times a year. He ____ goes to the cinema.
  • rarely
  • often
  • usually
6. scegli la frase corretta:
  • I have never been to Italy.
  • Never I have been to Italy.
  • I have been to Italy never.
7. scegli la frase corretta:
  • Never I am late at work.
  • I am never late at work.
  • I never am late at work.
8. scegli la frase corretta:
  • Often is he happy?
  • Is he happy often?
  • Is he often happy?

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