esercizi sugli avverbi di modo in inglese

Esercizi di grammatica inglese sugli avverbi di modo in inglese, detti anche avverbi di maniera.

1. Lara accepted to go to the baker for bread _____.
  • quick
  • quickly
  • quikly
2. scegli la frase corretta:
  • Luca walks quick.
  • Luca quickly walks.
  • Luca walks quickly.
3. scegli la frase corretta:
  • Giuseppe behaved silly.
  • Giuseppe behaved in a silly way.
  • Giuseppe behaved sillyly.
4. scegli la frase corretta: Nuota con la stessa abilità di un pesce:
  • He swim like a fish.
  • He swim fishly.
  • He swim fish.
5. you should behave ____________ to her.
  • nicely
  • nice
  • nicest
6. You can get to the city center ____________ if you get a map.
  • easyly
  • easy
  • easily
7. scegli la frase corretta:
  • She laughs happily at my jokes.
  • She laughs angrily at my jokes.
  • She laughs happyly at my jokes.
8. Do you think I speak English ____________? Yes, I do.
  • well
  • good
  • goodly

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