esercizi first conditional

grammatica inglese : esercizi su come formare e quando usare il first conditional, condizionale del primo tipo.

1. If I ______ enough money, I will buy a new motorbike.
  • have
  • will have
  • had
2. If Luca and Stella ____ the kitchen, Robert will ____ room.
  • prepare, decorate
  • will prepare, decorate
  • prepare, decorates
3. If I prepare pizza, ________ have some?
  • do you will
  • do you
  • will you
4. If you freeze water, it _____ a solid.
  • becomes
  • become
  • will become
5. Sarah will be on time, if you ____ her your car.
  • lend
  • will lend
  • lended
6. If she ________ you, will you answer the phone?
  • calls
  • will call
  • call
7. If you ___ a minute, I _____my brother.
  • will wait, ask
  • wait, will ask
  • waits, will ask
8. If he ___ enough money, he ___ to Paris.
  • earns, will go
  • earn, will go
  • will earn, goes

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