esercizi periodi ipotetici inglese

1. If I ______ enough money, I will buy a new car. (have)
  • have
  • will have
  • had
2. If I ______ millions euros, I would give a lot to the poor. (have)
  • will have
  • had
  • have
3. If you ______ harder at school,
you would have got better grades. (study)
  • have studied
  • studied
  • had studied
4. If you freeze water, it _____ a solid. (become)
  • becomes
  • become
  • will become
5. Luca will be on time, if you ____ him your bicycle. (lend)
  • lend
  • will lend
  • lended
6. If her nose were smaller, she _________ very handsome. (be)
  • Would be
  • was
  • were
7. She could ________ on time if she had used a city map. (arrive)
  • had arrived
  • have arrived
  • arrives
8. If you ______ her, she would come. (invite)
  • invite
  • will invite
  • invited

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