esercizi second conditional

Esercizi su come si forma e quando si usa il second conditional, condizionale del secondo tipo della grammatica inglese.

1. If I ___ you, I ___ a new car.
  • were, would get
  • was, would get
  • were, would got
2. If I ______ millions euros, I would give a lot to the poor. (have)
  • had had
  • had
  • would have
3. It's a hard life... but if I ___, I ___ do it all again.
  • could, would
  • would, would
  • could, could
4. If I ___ any humility I ___ be perfect.
  • had, would
  • have, would
  • were, would
5. If I ___ the power, I ______leggings.
  • had had, would ban
  • had, would ban
  • have had, would ban
6. If her ear were smaller, she _________ very nice. (be)
  • Would be
  • was
  • were
7. If she ___ fit, she ____ more confident.
  • kept, would feel
  • keep, would feel
  • keeped, would feel
8. If you ______ him, he would come. (invite)
  • could invite
  • would invite
  • invited

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