Esercizi sulle differenze tra will e be going to in inglese con soluzioni

esercizi will e going to con soluzioni

esercizio 1

1. I ______ have some spaghetti bolognese, please.
  • will
  • am going to
  • not will
2. I am tired. _______ wash the dishes?
  • Do you will
  • Will you
  • Are you going to
3. I haven't got my pen. Don't worry. _____ you mine.
  • I'm going to lend
  • I'll lend
  • I will to lend
4. Sarah's starting the new job tomorrow. What _______ do?
  • is she going to
  • she going to
  • will she
5. We don’t have any food. I ______some from the supermarket then.
  • 'll get
  • I'm going to get
  • I will got
6. I _____ help you tomorrow, if you like.
  • 'll
  • 'm going to
  • won't
7. Why do you need a pen? I__________ a letter to my friend in Cagliari.
  • I'm not going to write
  • will write
  • 'm going to write
8. The weather forecast is great for tomorrow. It _________ very calm.
  • is going to be
  • will be
  • isn't going to be

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