esercizi past perfect continuous

Esercizi su uso costruzione e regole del past perfect continuous progressive della grammatica inglese

1. When the new boss was in charge, I ____ there for 2 years.
  • was workin
  • had worked
  • had been working
2. I ____ Valentino Rossi on four previous occasions.
  • was meeting
  • had met
  • had been meeting
3. la forma interrogativa:
  • That day had I been working?
  • I had been working that day?
  • Had I been working that day?
4. la forma negativa:
  • I got a flu because I not had been wearing properly.
  • I got a flu because I had been not wearing properly.
  • I got a flu because I had not been wearing properly.
5. When the doctor told her his stomach was seriously damaged, he _____ French fries for two months.
  • was eating
  • had eaten
  • had been eating
6. I finally reached my brother. ___ him all day.
  • I'd been calling
  • I've called
  • I called
7. Luca ___ because he _____
  • was tired, had been working
  • was tired, had worked
  • was tired, working
8. They ______ all the fruit by the time Hohn got to the party.
  • had eaten
  • had been eating
  • were eating

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